Antonopoulos: Google & # 39; s "Quantum Supremacy" has no affect on Bitcoin


Bitcoin (BTC) has & # 39; zip & # 39; to concern for the newest developments in quantum computing from Google, has confirmed among the finest recognized figures within the business.

The impact on Bitcoin? "Zip, bupkis nada"

Communicate as a part of one Question and answer session on October 10 Andreas Antonopoulos poured chilly water out of concern Google & # 39; s current quantum pc success might have an effect cryptocurrencies akin to Bitcoin.

"What’s the impact on mining and the cryptocurrency world normally? Zip, bupkis, nada, nothing actually occurs, & he summarized.

As a Cointelegraph reported final month Google had introduced that it had used a quantum pc to carry out a activity, which might take a traditional machine tens of 1000’s of years.

Described as "quantum supremacy," the occasion prompted fast concern about public blockchains.

Misunderstandings trigger crypto

Antonopoulos stated, nevertheless, that these had been unfounded.

"Quantum supremacy, which Google described, demonstrates the sensible applicability of quantum computer systems to sure courses of issues," he defined.

Antonopoulos continued:

"These courses of issues are usually not the identical courses of issues that we’re speaking about after we are speaking about breaking cryptography."

The thought of ​​quantum-threatening Bitcoin had surfaced a number of years in the past, Antonopoulos as properly take away the thought due to the overall lack of sophistication of expertise.

However changing into quantitative resistant, a minimum of when it comes to signature algorithms, is on Bitcoin's roadmap as a vital step, he added.

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